AVG PC Tuneup Activation Code / Product Key / Serial Key

If you search the internet for an AVG PC Tuneup Activation Code / Product Key then you have come to the right place now one day share amazing application software with you for PC user to optimize system and faster speed to work flawlessly and also more space assigned and junk files as well as deleted junk files. The latest version of AVG PC Tuneup added more new features, longer battery life, and fewer glitches, all with a set-and-forget interface.

AVG PC Tuneup Activation Code / Product Key / Serial Key

AVG PC Tuneup Activation Code / Product Key / Serial Key (updated 01/2021) :


AVG PC TuneUp Pro License key (2021) :


Features Of AVG PC TuneUp

  • Disc Doctor – finds a series of problems like the lack of an antivirus, network access to the OS Registry, and more. Plus, it offers ways to fix all those problems.
  • Repair Wizard – deals with smaller concerns. For example, if the Recycle Bin is not being displayed on the desktop, this feature will remind you of that. Yes, all of these issues are interface- and files/folders-related.
  • Repair Deleted Files – a general scan for restoring files and checking for standard errors.
  • System Cache/Logs – the same feature as in Maintenance.
  • Remove Duplicate Files – runs a quick scan to find duplicates. The user is then asked to delete them.
  • Find Large Files/Folders – runs a different scan to locate the biggest files and folders on the OS.
  • Uninstall Unused Programs – makes a list of the programs/apps that you haven’t used in a long time.
  • Securely Delete Files – complete uninstallation of files (they can’t be restored after this operation).
  • Disable Startup Programs – This offers the user to disable several starting programs to make the system start faster.
  • Disable Background Programs – gets rid of processes in the background that aren’t running at this exact moment.
  • Recommendations – asks the user a series of questions before coming up with a list of recommendations for optimizing the system.
  • Registry Issues – the tool scans your system’s registry in search of invalid references and incomplete entries.
  • System Cache/Logs – scans the OS for temp files and offers the user to delete them (to free up space on the drive).
  • Broken Shortcuts – find shortcuts that lead to moved/deleted files and folders.
  • Disk Fragmentation – runs a quick scan to check whether your local discs need defragmentation or not.
  • Browser Data – a similar feature to System Cache/Logs. It frees up the browser of unnecessary files. Works with Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Explorer, and Opera.